The Researcher's Guide to Practical AI, 2024

I'm so thrilled to announce 'The Researcher's Guide to Practical AI, Edition 2024', out Q2 2024, 120 pages at least. I will start writing the book in December.

Subscribers of the newsletter can now get a 50% discount EARLY BIRD on the book (PDF) and gain early access to its chapters as they unfold.

The handbook is designed for professionals who want to use AI on open-source information and is aimed at those who do investigations, academia, law agencies, legal practitioners, non-governmental organizations, and business intelligence. It also outlines a pragmatic pathway to transcending Google's usual boundaries.

The 50% discount is valid till November 1, 2023. You'll receive early access to the content in its creation phase through, and upon completion, you can download the finalized book (PDF). Additionally, as a token of appreciation, you will be featured in the book as a sponsor. However, before doing so, I'll reach out via email to ensure you're comfortable with that acknowledgment.